Advantages of Code Generator with Metacoder

  • January 12, 2021

Metacoder goal is to build the best developer tools available to help developers around the world get their jobs done faster and help them avoid repetitive work.

Technically speaking it is a template driven Source Code Generator that automates the creation of common application source code for any language.

It includes many useful templates as well as entire sets of templates for generating proven architecture.

We consider code generation as a useful entry-level step into more advanced techniques. Because of this, I think that it is significant to create simple code generation platforms that lower the entry barriers for new users.

We want to move as many developers as possible from writing repetitive code to looking for smarter solutions. If we make code generators accessible and effective we will “save” many developers and bring them on the model-driven development and language engineering side.

What can Metacoder Code Generator do for you?  

It can help you produce higher-quality, more consistent code in less time and enables software developers to efficiently:

  1. Reduce repetitive coding.
  2. Generate your code in less time with well structure.
  3. Produce a consistent code that adheres to your standards.

How Metacoder Code Generator Works

First you can select Code Generation In which you have first option to select the language. We have currently set few languages later we have target to add more languages.

After selecting the language you have to choose a predefined template of code which is useful for daily basis of code.

you select any of the method you have seen predefined dynamic input field in which you have to set your dynamic values.

Than you entered your value you are ready with the code generation process once you click on submit button.

Now you can see your generated code with download action from where you download your code in zip file and you can use directly in your project.

-Happy Learning